Our story

Our story

To become a global leader in the research and manufacturing of cosmetics, bringing consumers a healthy and beautiful life through high-quality products.

Guangzhou Luowei Cosmetics Co., Ltd

LOVVE Established in 2008, LOVVE is committed to innovative research and development of skin care products; Focus on OEM, ODM and OBM; Cosmetics enterprises in the whole industry chain. To provide global customers with product innovation design R&D production integration services, based on OEM, set brand strategy、 marketing planning,、design planning、sales training、model innovation as one of the diversified business go hand in hand innovative enterprises; For the rapid development of global skin care brand incubation base.

LOVVE integrates global high-end cosmetics raw materials, R&D and production technology; The product concept of science and technology-based, quality first and continuous innovation, combined with the most cutting-edge design and technology trends, will export healthy and beautiful products to consumers all over the world.

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Established in 2008, Guangzhou Luowei is a full-value chain cosmetics company based in Guangzhou. We specialize in integrating high-end cosmetic raw materials, research and development, and production on a global scale. With a foundation rooted in technology, a commitment to quality, and an unwavering dedication to innovation, we strive to deliver products that embody these principles.

We combine the latest design trends to offer healthy and beautiful products to consumers worldwide, including those in China. Luowei International provides integrated services encompassing product creativity, research and development, and production for global clients. Our comprehensive approach includes brand strategy, marketing planning, design concept, sales training, and innovative business models, making us a rapidly growing global brand incubation hub.

Professional Staff
Professional Staff
Production Line
Production Time

Raw materials

Raw materials
are the core of quality

Luowei collaborates with world-renowned raw material companies and possesses high-quality plant cultivation bases and fermentation research and development centers.
We focus on the application of plant active ingredient extraction in cosmetics. We have established a vast database for the activity data of extracts and the efficacy evaluation data of products.
Currently, we have more than 9,000 mature formulations, ensuring outstanding quality, safety, stability, and a pleasant user experience.

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Equipment advantage

The production workshop is constructed according to the 100,000-level purification standard, which meets the standards of pharmaceutical companies.
The factory area is planned and constructed in accordance with the American GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics) standards. Strict adherence to GMPC and ISO 22716 international quality system certification specifications is followed in the operation.


Research and Development

We firmly believe that product research and development, as well as quality, are the core competitive strengths of our company. We utilize innovative technologies to drive the intelligent development of our enterprise. With craftsmanship and innovation, we aim to establish a renowned OEM skincare manufacturing brand in China.

John Wong

Professor & CEO

Deanne liu

Development Engineer

Lucille wang

Cosmetics R&D Specialist


This stems from our reverence for science, This stems from our pursuit of beauty, This is the haven for perfectionists.